Klin Isi - All Natural Cleaning Products

Introducing Klin Isi...

Klin Isi is the all-new, all-natural line of cleaning products that uses the power of essential oils to provide effective cleaning without the need for harmful chemicals. Powerful and effective yet gentle, Klin Isi's products will leave your home feeling clean and smelling refreshed.

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Get it clean with nature!

To get you up and cleaning the "isi" way we've put together a starter pack. For $34.50 you get one of each of our current, all natural cleaning products:

- 500ml Natural Liquid Spray

- 250ml Natural Antibacterial Spray

- 2 litre Natural Laundry Detergent

- 500ml Natural Creamy Cleanser

- 300g Natural Toilet Cleaner


-500ml Natural Dishwashing Liquid

It's cheaper than buying seperate so it's a great way to give our products a go. You could even give it as a housewarming gift (cleaning is always the last thing anyone moving in

to a flat thinks about!). Click here to order or hop over to our shopping page to find out 

more about the individual products.